Welcome Choir Directors!

Your role as a choir director in the Greek Orthodox Church is an awesome one whether it be keeping a choir sounding beautiful, teaching new music, seeing that the old music always sounds fresh, recruiting new members, getting the youth involved, or communicating with your parish priest. These are just to name a few.

Your responsibility as choir director also includes being the "point person" to the Eastern Federation for your choir members. The governing body of the Federation is the Council, and it is comprised of the Board (Officers, District Supervisors and Standing Committee Chairs) plus the choir director of each parish in the Metropolis. By attending annual conferences, coming to the Council meetings, and exercising your voting privilege, your voice will be heard and you will have a say. If you are not able to attend, you may appoint a delegate. This, of course, presumes that your parish is a member by paying the annual dues. 

If you are not a member, please consider this a personal invitation to join. The benefits are great for all choir members, chanters and educators:  sharing ideas, keeping abreast of the goings-on in our Metropolis, receiving the Federation newsletter "The First Mode", experiencing the camaraderie of fellow church musicians, attending informative and exciting workshops, and receiving years-of-service certificates for the milestones of 10, 25, and 50 years. Choir directors also receive recognition at the Archdiocesan level for 25 years of service from His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros.

We, your Federation await you with open arms!

Paul Mavromihalis

President, EFGOCM